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Auto electrical service, diagnostics and repairs

From the alternator to the battery to the spark plugs, these small parts must work in sync in order to get everything started. If your car is not starting properly or if it has died, make an appointment with our friendly mechanics today.

Southside Auto Centre are experienced at fixing alternators, starter motors, wiring, fuses, radios, car alarms and more. Give us a call or book online and we'll get your car fixed and back on the road in no time.

  • fuel pumps
  • radios
  • trailer brakes
  • burglar alarms
  • air conditioning
  • gauges and instruments
  • turn indicators
  • control circuits
  • DC generators
  • starter motors
  • alternators
  • batteries
  • electronic fuel injection systems
  • electric gear shift control systems
  • lighting and ignition systems

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