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Free light check Esperance

Southside Auto Centre can conduct a thorough and complete examination of your car lights and auto electric system to identify where these critical components may have been possibly damaged or misaligned.

Free car light inspection!

Our expert technicians will inspect your car lamps to check that the lighting systems of your vehicle are in correct operating condition. A typical inspection includes using specially designed and certified equipment to measure headlight beam aim, as well as a visual inspection of all exterior safety lighting devices, including turning signals, clearance lights, braking lamps and tail light electrical system.

  • High Beams
  • Low Beams
  • Brake Lights
  • Tail Lights
  • Fog Lights
  • Turn Signals / Flashers
  • Instrument Cluster Illumination
  • Operating Controls

Not just an aesthetic issue, oxidized/damaged headlight glass threaten the security of yourself and other motorists. Defective headlight windshields dramatically impairs visibility. Correct adjustment of the car lights is essential, not only for your but also other commuters safety, especially after dark. We can also replace and repair headlight plastic parts.

Drive to Southside Auto Centre and get your car lights inspected absolutely FREE of charge!

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